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All the RPG Games You can Play with a Polyhedral Dice Set

Looking to expand your tabletop gaming further than D&D? With a set of polyhedral dice, there are many more games you can play. Some of these games are simplified to play with just a 6-sided die, while others require you to use the same array of dice you do for D&D.

1. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a fantasy tabletop dice-based RPG, very similar to Dungeons & Dragons. Players will travel the world solving problems, unraveling mysteries, and collecting treasure. As you travel the world, you’ll encounter brutish monsters and deceitful traps, mysterious ancient ruins, and politically corrupt cities.

Pathfinder 1st Edition is based on D&D 3.5, while 2nd Edition Pathfinder diverges from the formula to be more unique. You can also take the ruleset out into the galaxy with Starfinder, a science fiction variation of Pathfinder.

2. The End of the World

The End of the World is an apocalyptic dice RPG comprising 4 books – Zombie Apocalypse, Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion, and Revolt of the Machines. As the names suggest, each book offers a different apocalyptic scenario to explore. While each book shares the same rule system, they exist independently and are completely self-contained experiences. At the cross-section of horror and adventure, The End of the World is a great option for those wanting to branch out of fantasy roleplay with their polyhedral dice.

3. One Deck Dungeon

One Deck Dungeon is a more straightforward and comprehensible dice RPG. Conquer every dungeon, defeat every foe, prevail over every danger. Sounds easy enough, except there are enemies lurking around every corner ready to take you down. Once you clear all three foes, you can then take on the boss. But if your party runs out of health, it's game over. Compared to some other games on this list, One Deck Dungeon is a quicker game, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier to win!

4. Blades in the Dark

Who doesn’t love a good steampunk setting? Blades in the Dark is a dice RPG game about overcoming the darkest troubles and hardships of society with wit, instinct, and communication. Players are members of a thief gang who steal from the ultra-wealthy in the city of Doskvol. Each session is centered around a job or operation. The gaming setup allows each session to flow smoothly, letting players make their plan as they go along rather than spending a large chunk of time doing so at the beginning.

5. Cyberpunk Red

From steampunk to cyberpunk, here’s a dice RPG game that’ll take you into the future. Players can create characters for all walks of nightlife. You’ll navigate the city’s social stratosphere as you fight for survival, interacting with gangsters, corporations, and everything in between. You’ll tackle various missions and jobs, with each player in your party bringing a different skill set to the table. This RPG dice game tackles all kinds of topics, ranging from unregulated capitalism to environmental devastation and the nature of humanity. Cyberpunk Red is just as topical and fun today as it was when its first edition came out back in 1988.

6. Quest

Quest is a highly accessible tabletop game, perfect if you want to include friends who aren’t as familiar with the format. Instead of focusing on details and rules, Quest focuses on the key actions of the roleplaying – explaining characters’ actions and immersing players into the world. Creating characters in Quest takes about five minutes and campaign preparations are more geared towards giving players fun and engaging storylines to follow. Additionally, the rule book is easy to follow for new players, so anyone can get involved. Because of all this, the Quest dice RPG game is especially recommended for playing with children.

7. Call of Cthulhu

A good scare is always a good time. Call of Cthulhu is the quintessential horror RPG dice game. Players take on the roles of investigators, scholars, and journalists who travel around the world, uncovering cults and conspiracies, and even otherworldly monsters. Unlike other dice RPGs, Call of Cthulhu focuses on the characters' psychological erosion as they uncover ghastly truths and oftentimes, players should run away rather than fight, giving Call of Cthulhu a distinctively terrifying vibe. Given its spooky atmosphere, it’s only appropriate that this polyhedral dice game got its namesake from an H.P. Lovecraft story.

8. Coyote & Crow

This dice RPG is as socially relevant as they come! This game presents a futuristic version of Earth that has been transformed by the global climate crisis. But that isn’t all; this game goes one step further, and imagines a world in which colonialism never happened, thereby breaking from the ranks of traditionally eurocentric RPGs. Players take on roles that are indigenously inspired, using technology and a force known as Adanadi to navigate this post-apocalyptic world. The rulebook even details how non-Indigenous players can respectfully portray characters without relying on stereotypes and cliches.

9. A Game of Thrones

Many of us are familiar with the source material, but often this RPG dice game has flown under the radar. A Game of Thrones takes players into the low fantasy world of Westeros, where you can explore the political intrigue, magical mystery, and harrowing adventures. While this game is a rare find, for those who do have access to it, it’s definitely worth the time. This dice RPG is especially good fun for those who are fans of the books and show.

10. Fiasco

Think of the neo-noirs of the 90s - Fargo, Reservoir Dogs, The Grifters - and put them into an RPG dice game. Fiasco divides the gameplay into a number of scenes, allowing players to develop their characters and craft their relationships as if they were in a crime movie themselves. Unlike other RPGs, there is no game master in Fiasco. Instead, players take turns describing what happens in each scene. This RBG is truly a cinematic experience (complete with an unexpected third-act twist) that’ll take players through numerous settings and scenarios, with both tragic and comic results. Fiasco is highly recommended for those wanting a non-fantasy polyhedral dice game experience.

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