We now have ten sets that allow for a la carte purchasing of dice. You can find them here. We plan on aggressively expanding this option to the majority of our dice sets by the end of this fall. This will correspond with our expansion to dice sets made in our new molds with custom fonts and designs.

Why are we doing this? 

Firstly, standard sets are great but your D&D characters are unique. Rogues need d6s for sneak attack. Bards handing out d8s for inspiration. Barbarian multi-attacks with a d12 axe. Let us not forget sorcerers casting Fireball is 8d6. We believe you should have the dice you want and need without excess dice that you'll never use.

Secondly, not everyone that buys dice plays D&D. We want to look after fans of all TTRPGS. We see you Shadowrun, Powered by the Apocalypse, and World of Darkness. We are working hard to make sure our dice are relevant to everyone. So we got you if you need 2d6, 10d10, or even some odd collection of d4s and percentile dice. 

Also look out for some special dice options too. We have 33 mm d20s. In the future there will be matching infinity d4 dice for many of our sets plus a few more surprises we can't talk about just yet.

August 26, 2019 — David Derus



Tympest said:

I’m pretty excited for this, I actually just got my set of Pumpkin Dice Latte dice with an extra d20 today.

I was wondering though. Are there plans for making the customizable sets easier to break into full sets for games like World of Darkness? Like, have listings for d10 or d6 sets as opposed to needing to build them a la cart?

I’m wanting to get a set of Wizard’s Unpaid Intern d10s for my next World of Darkness campaign.

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