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Dice A La Carte

When you think of D&D, the first image that probably comes to mind is of dice. Dice are essential to D&D—in fact, they’re essential to most TTRPGs! A single die can determine your fate, coming into play when a battle happens or when you need to make skill checks to move the story forward. Just roll your dice to determine your fate!

Beginner’s Guide to Dice

A 7-piece dice set is used in D&D, with every single die having a different number of sides. The dice are named after how many sides they have. For example, a dice with 4 sides would be called d4 (D for dice). Let’s briefly go through them.

The d20 is the most used dice in D&D, for it determines the order of attack and how damaging each attack is to other characters. Additionally, this single die determines your skill level when you’re doing an action. Sometimes you’ll love this die (especially when it helps you during battle), and other times, you’ll loathe it. The d20 is powerful and not to be taken lightly.

The d12 usually decides the damage done by large-weaponed attacks. While not used as often as the d20, this die is important during battles, able to cause excessive damage.

The d10 also decides damage done by your attack. Used more frequently than the d12, the d10 is used when a player attacks with a versatile two-handed weapon, resulting in greater damage. This dice is also used when the Dungeon Master asks you to roll to find the percentage chance of something happening (used with the percentile die).

The d8, like the previous two, determines damage, mostly inflicted by weapons and spells.

The d6 is the most “traditional” variation of dice, and again it determines damage in battle. Along with d8, the d6 is the most commonly used dice.

The d4 determines damage for low-level attacks. It can also be used to decide the strength of healing potions, and it’s available in a cool infinity d4 design, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Find the Right Dice for Your Game

This is only an abbreviation of all that dice do when playing D&D and other TTRPGs, but their significance cannot be overstated. As you customize your characters, your dice will adopt more specific roles pertaining to their abilities. Having the correct dice is important, which is why having the ability to get a single die is extremely helpful. After all, it doesn’t make sense to buy a new set in order to obtain the one die you really want. Additionally, if you accidentally lose a single die, you shouldn’t have to buy an entire set just to replace it—that’s just a waste of time and money!

As we expand our selection at Dice Envy, we don’t just want to offer elaborate dice sets (though we’re pretty good at that, if we do say so ourselves). Now, we’re offering customizable dice for players of D&D, Shadowrun, Powered by the Apocalypse, World of Darkness, and beyond! Shop now and find the individual dice for all your needs, or reach out to our team for help finding the dice that are right for you and your game!

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I’m pretty excited for this, I actually just got my set of Pumpkin Dice Latte dice with an extra d20 today.

I was wondering though. Are there plans for making the customizable sets easier to break into full sets for games like World of Darkness? Like, have listings for d10 or d6 sets as opposed to needing to build them a la cart?

I’m wanting to get a set of Wizard’s Unpaid Intern d10s for my next World of Darkness campaign.


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