D-Series Multi-Sided Dice

Are you curious about what the dice in your arsenal are used for? Maybe you just want to know more about the history of your D8? These blogs about the different types of die in our sets are the perfect starting point to learn more about the tools you use to interact in the fantastical world of tabletop gaming!

These Platonic solid dice — in other words, multi-sided dice in 3D polygonal shapes — are ancient and have been crafted out of all kinds of material throughout time. To the untrained eye, dice may not seem that interesting, but each type of die has its own interesting story and uses. They’re not just tools of the game to us: they’re works of art!

D4 D6 D8 D10 D12 D20

D4 Dice

This ancient die shape has been used for thousands of years for divination and gambling. Now you can carry on the tradition!

The classic D4 multi-sided dice are tetrahedrons with four triangular faces, but we have some cool alternatives with four flat sides.

D6 Dice

Ahh, the classic cube. A staple of any dice collection, the D6 is what most people think of when they think of “dice.”

No, unfortunately we do not sell any big fluffy ones you can hang from your rearview mirror.

D8 Dice

D8 dice are a type of Platonic solid dice called octahedrons.

Some D8s look like two pyramids combined. If you like Magic: The Gathering, you might recognize the square bipyramid as the hedrons of Zendikar!

D10 Dice

D10s are one of the most often-used and important dice in D&D. You roll for power, in other words, the difference between your action succeeding or failing.

Treat your pentagonal trapezohedrons with care!

D12 Dice

An essential part of the standard multi-sided dice for D&D!

In case you were wondering: no, you can’t just roll a D6 twice. The math is all wrong, and the numbers don’t have the same probability.

D20 Dice

You won’t be able to score those perfect, beautiful nat 20s and land that game-changing critical hit without a D20!

A wonderfully-balanced D20 makes your game run smoothly.

D100/D% Dice

Looking to randomize a percentage with your dice? 100-sided dice are practically spheres, so we have some great percentage dice solutions for your game.