D10 Dice

d10 dice

Dice are power in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and games like it. They’re often the difference between success and failure, or just a scratch and serious damage.

A 10-sided die is called a d10. It’s an important part of a complete dice set for tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs). A complete set helps you fine-tune the chance of certain outcomes within the game, even accounting for the range of potential damage from many types of fantasy weapons and spells.

Here, we’ll take a look at d10 dice. Often rolled by fighters, paladins, rangers, and other classes that use some of D&Ds most damaging weapons.

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An Overview of D10 Dice

A complete dice set comes with 7 types of dice – a d20, d12, d10, d%, d8, d6, and d4. A d10 die is the shape of a Pentagonal Trapezohedron, and while it’s not used as often as a d20, it still sees a fair number of rolls in D&D. These 10-sided dice are mostly used to determine damage from weapons and spells during battle, but also as hit dice to determine health gain during level-ups.

When Can You Roll a D10?

  • Some weapons wielded with two hands roll d10s for damage, like the greatsword, glaive, and heavy crossbow.
  • Some spells like Eldritch Blast, Firebolt, and Moonbeam calculate damage by rolling d10s.
  • Paladins, rangers, and fighters all have d10 as their hit die. Each time players with these characters level up, they roll 1d10 and add their constitution modifier to determine how many total health points they gain. It’s also rolled to determine how quickly they heal when resting.
  • Two d10s can be rolled together for a result between 1 and 100. (see below)

The even 10% chance of any number rolled also makes them a popular die for determining random events and random loot in the hands of a dungeon master (DM).

Why are there Two 10s?

As you may have noticed, a standard polyhedral dice set includes two 10-sided dice. On one of the dice, the faces read from 1 to 10, while on the other dice (the percentage dice), the faces count from 00 to 90 by tens. Two d10 dice are included so they can be used when the dungeon master asks you to roll to find a result between 1 and 100, typically this is to find a percentage.

To do this, you would roll both 10-sided dice and add their values together. So if you roll a 50 on the percentage dice and a 4 on the other dice, you would have rolled a 54/100, or 54%.

This can come into play in various situations, typically by the discretion of the dungeon master. Let’s say your character has been caught outside in a freezing blizzard without any warm clothes. The DM may decide you have a 48% chance of survival. If you roll greater than 48%, you would survive, but if you roll less than 48%, you would freeze. This aspect is unique to d10 dice and distinguishes these 10-sided dice as particularly special in the full set.

Take Care of Your Dice

With d10 dice in your set, you’re ready to do some major damage, but you don’t want your dice to take any. That’s why it’s important to take care of your dice. Every good sword needs a sheathe, just like every dice deserves a dice bag. Be aware of the material of your dice, whether they’re metal, plastic, or wood, and treat them appropriately. It’s also important to store a d10 dice set out of the reach of pets or small children to avoid any potential accidents.

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