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A Big Mess In Shivercrest

A Big Mess In Shivercrest

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You arrive in the small, frigid village of Shivercrest, where villagers have been waking up to find their woolen items and firewood missing. Adventure awaits, as you must trek across the frosty Brimwe Icelands to discover who, or what, is responsible for these cold-hearted thefts.

This wintry Prestidigital is an illustrated 38-page adventure for you to download and run, and includes:

  • GM and Player versions of several adventure maps as separate digital files

  • New, unique monsters to terrorize your players with

  • Suggested adventure hooks to introduce new players or insert into an existing campaign

A Big Mess In Shivercrest includes a 38 page adventure .pdf, .jpgs of all in-adventure maps, as well as player versions of those maps.

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