Advent Calendar PRE-SALE



Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or counting down the days til the inexorable plague of Christmas songs go back into hibernation, we have something to help add cheer to your wait!

Introducing: Dice Envy’s 2023 Advent Calendar - 24 days of dice surprises!

A perfect gift for the dice goblin in your life (or the dice goblin that is you), each Advent Calendar contains over 30 TTRPG dice designed exclusively for this calendar, including a full, matching 10-piece set that can only be found here. Small dice, large dice, metal, wood and polymer - all sizes and styles are included. Who knows what each new day will bring?

So ready your cocoa, curl up in front of the fire, and cozy up to 24 days of surprises from Dice Envy!

Dice Envy's Advent Calendar is a 14" wide perforated calendar with an assortment of dice, including an exclusive 10 piece set created just for this!

NOTE:  Each calendar contains the same sets this year, so if you get two they will match!

PRE-SALE NOTE: Any additional items that are purchased at the time of your preorder will be held until the Advent Calendars arrive. This means that if you want your dice, rolling trays, dice bags, or initiative tracking pads to arrive before the holiday season, you may want to make two orders: one for now, and one for the Advent Calendar (and anything that you can wait until November to get).