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Baking Bonanza Bundle

Baking Bonanza Bundle

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Have your cake and eat it too! A kingdom in need, a kitchen in waiting, and all that stands between you and a royal handshake is your aptitude for confectionary... or your aptitude for interfering with the opposing team.

This saccharine January Prestidigital bundle includes three illustrated digital assets for you to download and use during your next delicious session:

  • A two page Great Elvish Bake Off one-shot, where players compete against a rival adventuring team to bake the best birthday cake

  • A player handout for a basic cake recipe, discoverable in the cook books of the kingdom's late, great master baker

  • Spoon of Oligodynamus magic item card, a very handy piece of tableware

The Baking Bonanza bundle includes .pdfs of a one-shot, a player handout, and a magic item.

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