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Edge Boss

Edge Boss

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Being an outcast in the techno dystopian future is no walk in the park. You try to make a living for yourself trading in data and damage, but all the gangs on the loose don’t make your business easy.

You’re going to need an upgrade if you want to protect your slice of paradise. If you don’t, your cyberpunk world will come crumbling down harder than Cyberpunk 2077.

Luckily, we can offer you some cool metal dice to turn things around. Edge Boss are the Cyberpunk dice that will make you king of the underground, or at least cause some damage trying.

Edge Boss is an 8-piece black metal set banded in a wraparound enamel fill of glittering blue. It is part of the Cyberpunk collection, sister to our Steampunk collection.

Note: Our Cyberpunk and Steampunk collections have exposed enamel on the corners that are especially prone to cracking, so we highly recommend using a padded dice tray!

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