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Gelatinous Icosahedron

Gelatinous Icosahedron

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You may have heard the old adage ‘you are what you eat’. Well, if you’re a gelatinous blob, that’s for sure true. These dice have a taste for adventure, and adventurers. Each discerning palate has left a mark on its bearer.

Each die is delivered with a printed stat block detailing the magical mutations these sticky monsters have undergone:

The Cleric Connoisseur develops a taste for necromancy, draining the life of nearby adventurers. Take care near the Fighter Aficionado, lest you be sliced by the sword embedded within! Is that a fireball in the Wizard Epicurean's gut, or is it just happy to see you? Meanwhile, the Ranger Gourmand gains a ranged attack and the Rogue Glutton achieves the ability to climb.

Gelatinous Icosahedrons are translucent resin d20s containing skull, bone, and weapon inclusions. Each Gelatinous Icosahedron is uniquely imbued by remains of its last victim and comes with a printed stat block for use at the table.

Watch the videos for a better view, they are hard to photograph but amazing to roll! These 33mm d20s are chonky bois, check out the photo with the black d20 for a size comparison.

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