Gore Core

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Metal and blood go hand in hand. The alien dreadnought was full of both, and many secrets. Cables and wiring, intertwined with miles of veins and arteries, like a cyborg Cronenberg monster. Glittery streaks of red slipped to the ship’s heart, beating with shrapnel and flesh. Whatever was down there wasn’t human, alien, or robot.

What was it? You’re about to find out.

Gore Core is a 7-piece metal set featuring blood red enamel framed in silver with numbers inked in android black. Not digging the bloodshed? Check out glittery Ore Core.

Built for Greatness

Our metal D&D dice sets are forged from some of the finest zinc alloys around, for sturdy dice that will last with you through many tabletop RPG campaigns. Zinc is also a perfect choice for casting tiny details, which is great, since we love to bring you original designs straight from the minds of our in-house artists! From your first goblin grapple to your legendary slaying of a dragon, these metal dice are built to deal damage, so we recommend rolling them in a dice tray. And if you don’t like them, we offer our 30 day return and refund policy on all of our metal dice.