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Grapeful Dead

Grapeful Dead

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The only thing that can get a heart beating faster than good old-fashioned romance is some even older-fashioned necromancy. It’s the little things that matter in a relationship, so give these a try.

You and the target of your affections will both be glad you did.

Grapeful Dead is a 7-piece, 13mm, black resin dice set shimmering with violet glitter and inked in white. It belongs to our tiny but mighty Wee Lads collection.

Standard d20 and Chonky Boi d20 pictured for scale.

Wee Lads

These 7-piece tiny dice sets are so small, you can fit them in the change pocket of a pair of jeans. A fun way to mix up your gift-giving for even the most seasoned dice goblin, and appealing to dice pixies, gnomes, sprites and fairies as well! Perfect as a stocking stuffer or a sweet surprise to go along with anything else; tuck a set in a new wallet or put them in a ring box - the wee possibilities are endless! 

Each set includes:
9mm d8
10mm d6, d10, and d00
12mm d4 and d12
13mm d20

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