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High Seas Shipping Bundle

High Seas Shipping Bundle

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Your vision blurs, your heart races, your intestines writhe around inside of you like a pair of moray eels.

You haven't slept in weeks, nothing tastes good anymore, and you're fairly sure you're going to vomit.

Don't blame the ship's cook; you're just falling in love.

Ride the waves of longing with April's Prestidigital bundle, which includes illustrated digital assets for you to download and use during your next thirsty session:

  • An exclusive One Page RPG by Oliver Darkshire, where you play a love-lorn privateer trying to dodge the subject of your affection's fatal blows

  • A character page for Yul "Black Tusk" Grimbar, dreaded pirate captain

  • Dried coralbellum magic item card, for when your enemies are getting froggy

The High Seas Shipping bundle includes a .png of a one-page rpg and .pdfs of an NPC and a magic item.

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