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Pixel Skulls - Vanilla Goth

Pixel Skulls - Vanilla Goth

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Heads will roll! You won’t find these black skull dice anywhere else. That dice collection of yours has plenty of conventional dice shapes, it’s time to give your treasure trove a goth diamond. Spark some Dice Envy in your friends with this Pixel Skulls: Vanilla Goth Infinity d4, uniquely shaped and adorned with 8-bit skulls.

Whether you want to get into a spooky mood with a horror-themed game, or you just want a unique take on cracking skulls, these dice will help you set the perfect mood. They also make great gifts and stocking stuffers for the spooky nerd in your life!

Pixel Skulls: Vanilla Goth are custom black resin Infinity d4s inked in bone white.

Our Infinity dice are your basic d4, reimagined. We've thrown out the sharp triangular points and replaced them with two wrapped edges. Since they’re not shaped like a caltrop, if one goes missing, none of your friends will have to make DEX saving throws. They are designed to be read from the top-down, not at an angle, and are great for health counters as well as healing potions.

Patent # US D887,497 S 

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