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Red Run

Red Run

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Side hustles in the techno dystopian future are hard. A new gig jumps to the top of the boards. The pay is good and the employer values discretion — you like that. You don't know what the job is, but the post is flagged as a Red Run, so there's definitely gonna be some murder.

Roll with this metal set made for adventures in a cyberpunk future, the depth’s of Strahd’s dungeon, and anywhere in between. These polyhedral dice feature inky black metal lines crisscrossing a thriving crimson enamel heart.

If your campaigns are anywhere near as vibrant as the glimmering core of Red Run dice, you’re in for a good time.

Red Run is an 8-piece black metal set banded in a wraparound enamel fill of dazzling magenta and red. It is part of the Cyberpunk collection, sister to our Steampunk collection.

Note: Our Cyberpunk and Steampunk collections have exposed enamel on the corners that are especially prone to cracking, so we highly recommend using a padded dice tray!

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