Snow Globe


Sure, sometimes a snow globe is just a Hallmark card inside a bubble. Sometimes, though, they’re places, suspended in time, waiting to be activated. These are uninhabited and seem pretty inhospitable, judging from the glittering storms they hold… but hey, they’re yours. Enjoy!

[Gate, Planeshift, or other means of visiting your new demiplane not included.]

Snow Globe is a 7-piece, translucent grey-blue, sharp edge resin dice set with a liquid core of snow white glitter, inked in bright silver.

Looking for a colder, bolder, roller? Check out Snow Globe Chonky.

Looking Sharp

Made from high quality polymer and carved with acute accuracy, these dice are the cutting edge of fashion - and cutting is the perfect word for it. The lines! The edges! The drama! These dice are striking, and there’s so much variation in the style. Here, you’ll find inclusions, gold leaf, foil, and liquid cores.

These lads do stab, so shake carefully, don’t let anyone eat them, and pray you never drop the d4.

A note about liquid core dice: These are NOT balanced. There’s liquid, an air bubble, and a polymer plug keeping all that pretty glitter contained. These things all conspire to make, essentially, weighted dice. Fortunately, the natural variations that come from rolling with a human hand will offset that weight discrepancy, so unless you plan to use a dice tower for every roll, it's likely you'll never notice.