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Snow Globe

Snow Globe

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Sure, sometimes a snow globe is just a Hallmark card inside a bubble. Sometimes, though, they’re places, suspended in time, waiting to be activated. These are uninhabited and seem pretty inhospitable, judging from the glittering storms they hold… but hey, they’re yours. Enjoy!

[Gate, Planeshift, or other means of visiting your new demiplane not included.]

Snow Globe is a 7-piece, translucent grey-blue, sharp edge resin dice set with a liquid core of snow white glitter, inked in bright silver.

Looking for a colder, bolder, roller? Check out Snow Globe Chonky.

These lads do stab, so shake carefully, don’t let anyone eat them, and pray you never drop the d4.

A note about liquid core dice: These are NOT balanced. There’s liquid, an air bubble, and a polymer plug keeping all that pretty glitter contained. These things all conspire to make, essentially, weighted dice. Fortunately, the natural variations that come from rolling with a human hand will offset that weight discrepancy, so unless you plan to use a dice tower for every roll, it's likely you'll never notice.

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