Three Goblins in a Trench Coat


They might not look like much on their own: a pile of discarded clothes, a pointy ear here, a peeping eye there. However, when you stack up the d6s, you get a real wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing situation. Or, in this case, three goblins in a trench coat (who are happy to assure you that they are actually a very regular tall person).

As long as they roll well and remember which one is the head, they just might pull it off.

Three Goblins is a 9-piece translucent resin set engraved with articles of clothing inked in bright green. Included are 3 d6 that form a very regular tall person in a hat and trench coat.

Unique, Quality Dice

We offer a wide and varied selection of sets designed with players in mind. Made in a custom mold, these dice are poured, polished and inked before they make their way to you. Our polymer polyhedral dice are well balanced and high-quality, able to withstand as many rolls as you make through all of your future adventures.