The Hunt for the Timbermancer PDF: a Short 5e D&D Adventure by Aabria Iyengar


The Hunt for the Timbermance is the perfect short D&D adventure in 5E for anyone of any age. Written by the fantastic podcaster, streamer, and writer Aabria Iyengar, The Hunt for the Timbermance can fit into any homebrew DnD 5E campaign, either as a standalone adventure, or, with the help of a little bit of flexibility, an addition to a longer campaign. 

You and your party will play as the beloved Protectors. You are part of the enclave of Treefolk, an isolated culture that keeps to themselves, deep within the forest known as the Hinterlands. These woods are ancient, filled with secrets, some you and your people know, and others you are destined to discover. This short D&D adventure in 5E gives you a rich world to explore. Life is as it should be until the hearts of the ancient mystical trees of the Hinterlands begin to go missing, and the forest slowly starts to die. As a Protector, you are sworn to defend the trees of the Hinterlands. Your adventure takes you through the woods, to find the hearts of your beloved trees, and save the glade before it succumbs to death’s touch. 

This adventure is a perfect fit for most D&D players. As an adventure for level 6 characters, it is great for younger players who are just trying out more advanced campaigns. But it doesn’t have to be a standalone short D&D adventure in 5E. It can also be used in a longer homebrew DnD 5E campaign, as a stop along a grand adventure. 

A great balance of length and action to satisfy any group of adventurers.