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Unicorn Daydreams

Unicorn Daydreams

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With all the charm of the cotton candy-colored herald of a fairy parade, one look at these dice will have your sweet tooth craving cupcakes and your hind mind begging to be buried in kittens.

Frankly, shaking a set of these and watching the pixie dust swirl inside?

It’s kinda like that.

Unicorn Daydreams is a 7-piece, translucent light pink, sharp edge resin dice set with a liquid core of color-shifting pearlescent glitter, inked in silver.

Looking for a deeper sleep? Check out Unicorn Daydreams Chonky, also pictured in spin video.

These lads do stab, so shake carefully, don’t let anyone eat them, and pray you never drop the d4.

A note about liquid core dice: These are NOT balanced. There’s liquid, an air bubble, and a polymer plug keeping all that pretty glitter contained. These things all conspire to make, essentially, weighted dice. Fortunately, the natural variations that come from rolling with a human hand will offset that weight discrepancy, so unless you plan to use a dice tower for every roll, it's likely you'll never notice.
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