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Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones

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If you like your dice like you like your ice, we recommend giving these polyhedral whiskey stones a try! Transition seamlessly from death saving throws to celebratory drinks. ūü•É

Made of soapstone just like your dad's, a food-safe sealant prevents your chip dust fingerprints and dice tray lint from ruining your favorite booze.

They are great for rolling and won’t dilute your drink; truly the best of all worlds.

Whiskey Stones are a 7-piece soapstone set inked in black and coated with food-safe sealant. Store in freezer for at least 4 hours before use. Place in a glass with whiskey (or beverage of your choice) poured to the height of the stones. Let stand 5 minutes before enjoying.

Rinse and air dry following every use, storing in the freezer for next time. Please do not eat/swallow the dice, you nut.

Our stone sets are carved, polished, and then laser engraved and hand inked, making them one of our most high-end offerings. We have dice in both natural and synthetic stones. No two sets are the same, and the designs and numbering sometimes have to shift to accommodate for innate quirks of the material. Remember to get a rolling tray to protect these beauties! 
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