2019 DM of the Year Submissions Now Open

2019 DM of the Year Submissions Now Open

Storytellers, game masters, DMs whatever you call them, we love Dungeon Masters. While us players are focused on our characters, DMs have to keep the whole party in mind. It is a lot of work. They need to know the rules, the story, the stats for all the monsters AND their tactics. But they don’t stop there, they make up silly voices and unique NPCs on the spot, all while rolling with our buckwild “seduce the dragon” plot twists. They are storytelling -  number crunching all stars.

Away from the table, my DMs are some of our favorite people. When they are not busy giving back to their communities they spend time being some of our closest friends. How can we not honor people like that? With this in mind, we are pleased to announce we are taking submissions for the 2019 Dungeon Master of the Year award. We want to hear what makes your DM so special at the table but also people that go above and beyond in their daily lives.


To nominate your dungeon master

  1. Send a 500 - 1000 word essay telling us why they are the best DM at and away from the table to BestDM@diceenvy.com by November 28th. Include an email for your DM.
  2. Please title our email "The Best DM is [insert your DM's name]" It helps us organize the submissions. Only emails with that follow this rule will be considered
  3. If your DM is selected we will reach out to them to confirm their acceptance between November 29th-31st. So be sure to tell them to keep their eyes open for an email.
  4. Winner gets a $100 gift card to Dice Envy AND all players in your group will get a free set of dice! (limit 8)
  5. Winner will be announced on December 1st.


To all you Dungeon Master’s out there, from all us players here a Dice Envy, thank you

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Did this get announced?

Brandon Miller

Sorry we corrected a typo, the email address is bestdm@DICEENVY.com

David Jonas Derus

I just sent in my essay but I got an email saying the email provided didn’t exist, is it case sensitive?


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