10 Reasons to Make Dice Envy Your Dice Go-To

10 Reasons to Make Dice Envy Your Dice Go-To

10. We want to make a bigger table

We encourage new players of all kinds through our help columns and through offering them their first set of dice for just 99 cents. 

9. Dice in new styles and materials monthly

We are constantly at work to bring you new types of dice. Not just new colors but designs and materials as well. 

8. Quantity Dice

We take pride in our work. If you don't like your dice for any reason, we will take them back and ship you a replacement free of charge.

7. Reasonable prices

We typically charge about 25% less than our competitors when it comes to metal dice. Our acrylic dice are about the same as anywhere else. We keep our custom dice in reasonable price ranges too. Our mystery dice sets have some of the lowest prices in the business. Also, we have regular sales that bring the price point down further. 

6. Wide selection

While some dice companies stock similar dice in some cases we have a large collection of dice that we are committed to growing. Chances are you will find the color and material you are looking for here. 

5. No Hassle Customer Service

You want out of our subscription box, you find a funny charge on your card, can't find a set of dice even though the USPS says it was delivered? We will fix it. We will not try to keep your money or make it so you have to tell us a dozen times that you want to cancel. We are in the business of getting you cool dice that you love. So lets do that instead of haggling over sales you don't want to make.

4. Fast Shipping

Speaking of shipping, we are based in the US. We typically ship all dice within 24 hours of ordering. While you might find slightly cheaper dice through oversees generic manufacturers, you will get our dice in days, not weeks. 

3. We help sick children!

Monthly we run auctions of some of our prototypes to help support Extra Life. Extra Life is a non-profit run by gamers that give 100% of their proceeds to children's hospitals. 

2. We support content creators

We use our success as a platform to give voice to content creators that may need the exposure. We do this buy featuring them in our subscription boxes, website, and social media feeds. 

1. No FOMO 

We are committed to making sure everyone who wants some of our dice gets them. Some companies rely on the fear of missing out in order to buy their small batch dice. We pre-sell our new dice styles to allow everyone who wants them to gets them. With our dice subscription box, every month you are guaranteed to get the newest thing we are working on. 

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