Holiday Sales and Subscription Box Updates

Holiday Sales and Subscription Box Updates

Holiday sales are here at Dice Envy!
First, the big one: this is the last week to get our subscription boxes at their current price! Next Tuesday (12/3) is the deadline, so anyone that subscribes before then will keep their pricing as long as they keep their subscription. There are some fun changes coming to our boxes too, so you’re not going to want to miss them! 

Basic Box → The Envy Box ($15/mo.)

Starting in December, the not-so-basic box is getting a glow up! The Envy Box will still feature an acrylic set, but it will also include a 33mm chonky boi d20 and bonus d6 - all in our custom mold!

Original Box → The Pride Box ($35/mo.)

This is where you’ll find our best work! Every month will feature a gorgeous set of dice, and along with our beloved engraved acrylic and framed metal designs we’ll be expanding our material and mold repertoire to keep things spicy in your dice bag! Pride subscribers will also get the Brockton d6 from the Envy Box.

Sampler - We’ll be phasing out the Sampler Box in 2020! If you’re currently a Sampler subscriber, you’ll still be getting your box through the end of your subscription period, but the renewal option has been removed. Keep an eye out for an email with some more details and a special conversion offer from us soon! 

NEW! The Gluttony Box ($45/mo.)

So you love our monthly dice and don’t want to choose which box to get? Well you don’t have to! You really can have it all with The Gluttony Box - a full set of both dice of the month. TREAT YO SELF. 

Quarterly Box → The Sloth Box

No big changes here, we just like the name! This option is great for our international dice family looking to save a bit of money on shipping by receiving their boxes (Envy, Pride, or Gluttony) every three months instead of monthly! 

Other than that, we’ll be running a 25% sale on each of the big 3 shopping days after Thanksgiving: 

  • Black Friday: use promo code “METAL25” to save 25% on all metals sets! 
  • Small Business Saturday: use promo code “WOOD25” to save 25% on all wood sets! 
  • Cyber Monday: use promo code “ACRYLIC25” to save 25% on all acrylic sets!  

Happy Holidays!

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    When do the boxes ship out?

    Zoey Marie

    Looking forward to all the new possibilities for the Originals Box, just sad that it’s going to take me that much longer to be able to renew my subscription. Can’t wait to see the new stuff coming out though!

    Tympest Books

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