Here at Dice Envy we want to use our platform to promote creators from throughout the tabletop community. From time to time we will feature one of them here for you to enjoy. Today enjoy our interview with Pocket Dimension Podcast 


  1. What are you playing? D&D? Which edition and campaign?


We’re playing kind of a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5/5e mashup! It’s a homebrew campaign created entirely by our DM, Devtrast. It takes place on the continent of Kaberon which you can see on our Instagram.


2. Talk about your players and DM. Who are they? What is their history with the game? What are their favorite roles to play? What are the characters in your current campaign?


Before the Pocket Dimension brought listeners the adventures of the Vaunted Valiant in the world of Kaberon there was a group of off-and-on Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts that streamed their adventures to the internet at large. Since 2016 the core team has consisted of Ryan, Colton, Keanan, Adrian, Anna, Jared, and Dan.

Ryan aka Devtrast is the grand mastermind of most of the campaigns the group has tackled, although he thoroughly enjoys playing any tabletop RPG from 3.5 to 5th Edition.

Colton is the sometimes DM of the group who has spread the love of gaming to other tabletops; he currently runs a game for his wife and friends outside of the Pocket Dimension. When Colton isn’t saving Atlas he goes by Odo Greenbottle, the nimble Halfling Marksman who uses his crossbow to assassinate orcs from afar. Aiding him is his noble Scorpion companion Ethel, who uses her claws and venom to distract Odo’s quarry.

Keanan is a fan of board games outside of D&D and plays Gloomhaven, Pandemic, Catan, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and more. He started with Pathfinder, but recently adopted 5th Edition to play with a wider audience. Keanan goes by the name Ullster Croleigh when guiding the souls of the dead to the Ethereal River. Ullster is a necromancer cleric of Wee Jas, who used his mastery of undeath to guide spirits to rest.  

Adrian gets his kicks in the gym outside of the game, and spends his time fulfilling fantasies of felonius fancy, plundering his way through dungeons as the sneaky Halfling Rogue Gallahad Kibo Freihair.

Anna supplies the Pocket Dimension Insta feed with her portraits of the world of Atlas and its characters. This is a fitting use of her time, as in-game she is the bibliophile Tharsirion Bleakbriar, the Elf Druid who shapeshifts into fearsome beasts to face down the orcs of Grumsh.

Jared supplies the party with luscious tones as Silas. This Tengu bard’s big mouth has a tendency to get the party in as much trouble as it gets them out of. At the end of the day his brilliant inventions do come in handy when defending the city.

Dan is the de facto leader of the Vaunted Valiant, made apparent by his role as Mayor in the city of Atlas. He is a mighty Crusader, who uses his faith to grant him the strength to crush his enemies. He will need all the faith he can to overthrow Vecna and redeem his ravaged land.


  1. What are the aspects you are particularly proud of and that set you apart from the pack? How do you do it better?


Aside from being the sexiest D&D podcast on the market, the aspect I am most proud of as their DM is how much each player contributes to the world of Kaberon. They animate the world more than I ever could. Their character’s are more than an alignment; they are desires, fears, motivations, truths, and lies spun to create the vision of the characters they hold so dearly in their mind. Their interactions with each other, NPCs, and the villains breath life into the Pocket Dimension podcast.

To paint a picture: Odo lead an army of orcs he named the ‘Rat Pack’ (he is the Rat God) to a new headquarters named the Rat Nest. He is actively persuading them to worship himself instead of Gruumsh, the literal God of the Orcs. Ullster has kept their home city of Atlas safe after resurrecting two large ogre troll skeletons to guard the perimeter of the town. Siri has begun work on a teleportation network of trees that can take them from Atlas, to all around Kaberon. Galahad has trained the Atlas Army on the ancient interrogation technique of “good guard, bad guard” and makes sure that the orphans of Atlas are well taken care of. Lord Benedict uses his mayoral influence to call upon the residents of the city to continue worship and faith in the gods, even though most of them have abandoned humanity. Silas constructed plans for irrigation channels, mass-market weaponry, and most recently large scale ballistas to combat threat of orcs attacking from the sky in zeppelins.

The players are the Pocket Dimension’s greatest asset, and their creativity trumps mine tenfold. It makes the podcast an entertaining, lovable bi-product of our love to sit around a table and tell stories about a bleak and miserable made-up world where two evil gods are warring for control of the material plane. We are all hoping that they can make it to level 20, as no one at the Pocket Dimension has ever leveled a character that high. Maybe then they can take control of the world.

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