February Subscription Box Updates

February Subscription Box Updates



UPDATE: All sampler and basic boxes are shipped. We also received a second shipment today with roughly 60% of the dice needed to cover all the remaining boxes. Those will be shipped out tomorrow. You will know if you are one of those subscriptions because you will have already received an automatic shipping confirmation e-mail.

In total, 77% of all the missing boxes will be completed by 4/6/2019. The current estimate for the last of the missing boxes is April 25th.

The issue is with the d4s. The engraving on this set is particularly elaborate and for some reason the d4s are rejecting the inking.


3/27/2019 UPDATE : All Sampler and Basic February boxes will be shipped 3/28/2019.  


We are still literally waiting for the ink to dry on the Quarterly and Original boxes. It should not be long for them as well. But they will not be shipped tomorrow. 




We wanted to answer some frequently asked questions about the delayed February box shipment. Below are the most common questions we are asked. Also, come back here if you want the latest news. We will be updating this blog post as details on the February box develop.


Where is my February box?

February's subscription box is late. We had a production issue that caused us to not get the engravings done in time. February is Chinese new year and that is a BIG deal. Our workers get most of the month off and this only compounded the tardiness of the set. 

I'm being charged for March but I never got the February Box?

Yes, the good news is that the March boxes are right on track and we are going to ship those next week. The February boxes will be delayed until later this month. But please know it is our top priority as a company to get you the February dice as soon as we possibly can. 

Can you give me something for making us wait?

Yes, we sent out a $5 coupon last week to our mailing list as an apology, also, we ordered a new round of Healer Infinity dice in a special color. Once they are  complete they will go into a future subscription box as bonus content as an additional way to try to make this right.. 


Again, I'm truly sorry for the delay. 


David Derus

Dice Envy, Owner

UPDATE: Manufacture says they will Arrive on March 24th. We will ship the day we get them.

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I finally got my February dice set today and I must say they are very beautiful dice great job as always.

Branden T

Thank you for the update.

Rachel Wright

hmm… It’s April and I still haven’t gotten any notification of the box being shipped.


Any word on the Original and Quarterly boxes? Just super antsy and excited to get my box lol. Getting the March box a few weeks ago definitely helped me get my fix though. You guys are awesome! Love your service.

Lisa S

I’m glad you’ve kept us updated as to what’s going on during this situation. I just wish this hadn’t been my first subscription box from you guys. It’s made me hesitant to keep the box going forward.


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