KN-95 Mask Drive: Updates

So far, we have raised a total of 1793.04.

Here is the sale report from Shopify. We have them in two lines because we realized that the proper term in KN95 not N95 a little late.

Shopify Sale Report 1
Shopify Sale Report 2

As 1793.04 minus  in credit card processing fees brings our total so far to $1673.49. 

We've placed our first order for $1314.50 on March 30th. That bought us 700 masks! That means each donation of $5.50 actually bought 2.94 masks instead of just one. The remaining $358.95 came in after we placed our first order and will stay with us until we hit $500. If we do not get to $500 in the next week, we will donate the $358.95 to the American Red Cross and close down the drive.

Thank you so much for joining us in this effort to make the world suck a little less right now. In an effort to be transparent, below is a copy of our invoice with the private information blocked out. 


Masks invoce

 April 11th Update : 

Our total for masks went from 443.39 to 568.80. Which means we raised another $152.03* in the following week. With the government finally playing catch up with masks and large companies like Google and Apple stepping up their game we think it is time for us to close our mask drive. Thank you everyone for doings something virtuous with us. 

Below are some screen shot to help promote accountability. Dice goblin, stay safe our there. 

*Yeah, our math failed us. We over donated by about $25. Not to worry. We are happy to chip in too. 


Shopify Sale Report 3


Donation Details
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