New Art DND Work

New Art DND Work

What is your favorite part about Dungeons and Dragons?

Personally, I love the crunchy number systems like 3rd edition. I love a good crit at an opportune moment. I love a character that slowly matures from a one note joke to a complex hero with motivations beyond what I originally had in store for them. But most importantly, I love my D&D community. I think in a world that can feel impossibly isolating D&D is a promise to sit down with friends regularly.

Dice Envy's New Look

If you've been a fan of ours for some time you might notice are website has a new look. I want to talk about specifically about the banner image that welcomes people to our shop. You'll notice something different here from our competitors. Usually, a dice company will put their best and newest product on the top of the page. This is a totally intelligent move. However, after thinking about what makes D&D great we choose a new route. Instead of focusing on product we are focusing on the joy that emerges when playing with friends. We started a series of art commissions. The prompt is "Dungeons and Dragons Characters Playing D&D." Other than the prompt, we are giving creative license for the artists to draw whatever that means to them.

Who are the artists?

Fan art is so important to what it means to be in the larger D&D community. Not only do we have so many people that love art in the space, they love drawing their favorite characters from both their home games and from the streaming world. We wanted to include those voices in this project. We are reaching out to independent graphic artists and D&D fanatics to get some truly unique art that celebrates the joy found at are weekly (hopefully) game nights.

Our first artist is by @lassflores. You should check out her Twitter and totally hire her.

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