2019 Pride Charity

2019 Pride Charity

June is LGBT Pride month. I've been asked by a few customers and fans if we are going to do a special of some sort. I know it is the month to do it. Major corporations are throwing rainbows on everything in hope of cashing in on your LGBT pride. I even saw a Budweiser bottle this month that was colored like the Trans flag. 

We're not going to monetize your identity. Your sexuality is not a cash grab for us. We're going to lose money to prove it. Use promo code PRIDE at check out to get 0% off. 

When you do, 20% of your sale is going to go to My Friends Place. A local non-profit in Los Angeles that helps homeless youth, 40% of which are LGBT. Could we find a place that is 100% LGBT youth? Maybe. But My Friends Place has a long track record of being an amazing and trustworthy resource for LGBT teens and we want to see them grow and thrive. 

Update: We raised $132 for My Friend's Place! Funds have been distributed. Thanks everyone.

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