Now, we’re not normally ones to hype up conspiracy theories *kicks Chemtrails dice set under the rug* but when we learned about the Berenstain Bears, we knew that somehow our whole company had jumped dimensions. That makes much more sense than us misremembering a book title from our early childhoods, right? 

Anyway, here’s evidence #2 of our quantum leap: Celestain! This set looks oh-so-close to our customer favorite Celestine, but has a slightly altered tone to the blush pink base. Celestain has the same gold and glitter fill and bronze inking of Celestine, but we just wanted any other travelers from the original timeline to be aware of the subtle difference.

Celestain is a 10-piece set that comes with the standard 7 polyhedrals, plus a chonky boi 33mm d20, a Brockton d6, and an infinity d4!