Dragon Bone


No campaign is complete without dragons. They’re some of the most epic monsters of all time. There’s a reason D&D is named after them and they appear in practically every fantasy series ever. With these bone D&D dice, dragons become a central component of your campaign. That doesn’t mean you can magically breathe fire, unfortunately. But, what’s cooler than taking down a dragon with weapons made from its friends? That’s gonna get you some extra psychological damage for sure. Skill up your armor craft with the dragon bone dice set, and harness the dragon’s power for yourself.

Dragon Bone is a 10-piece bone-colored resin set with a matte finish and darkened center pattern. A boney part of our Monstrous Elements collection!

Dice for the Ultimate Hunter

Being on the hunt is thrilling, but you’re going to need the right tools. With Monstrous Elements, the right tools will be in the palm of your hand. Weapons crafted from the bones of skeletons, poisons harvested from giant purple worms, even shards of tombstones to remind your enemies of their ultimate fate! There’s no better way to show off your prowess than with trophies made from vanquished foes.