DaVinci’s Sanctum, a premium obsidian dice set with iridescent foil by Dice Envy

6 Unique Polyhedral Dice Sets for Your Next RPG

Gather round ye merry fellows and lend an ear for the tale of tabletop gaming dice like no others—unique dice sets to dazzle and amaze all but the crotchetiest old curmudgeons. That’s right: unique polyhedral dice to whet your imagination! Feast your eyes upon these real, genuine, 100% authentic antimatter dice!!

Uh…hold on. We’ve just been informed that the antimatter dice have gone off. And the city they

were in is—missing? Jeez…

But worry not, gentle traveler! For we still have the illegal endangered whale teeth dice!

What? We don’t? They’re illegal?!?! Why didn’t anyone mention that?! Who confiscated them?

Well…nuts. Okay, bring out the chocolate and nuts dice!

What? WHO ate them?!?! That was our most edible, most unique dice set! Seriously?!

Fiddlesticks. What have we got left?

Oh, that’s right, we’ve got ALL THE FRIGGIN’ AWESOME DICE because we’re Dice Envy, fools!!! That’s literally what we do!

They May Not Be Positronic or Illegal or Chocolate, But…

We do have some real treats for you today. These 6 unique polyhedral dice sets are perfect for bringing a wide variety of new characters and campaign settings to life in your next RPG. Whether you’re RPing fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, punk, or some kind of wholesome (or unwholesome!) dating simulator, we have flavors of dice to delight and inspire your imagination.

Good dice are so much fun to look at and play with, so don’t settle for boring generic ones. Do us a capitalism and get yourself a unique dice set that speaks to your sense of play!

1. Home Game Hat Trick

The 10-piece rose gold colored Home Game Hat Trick premium metal dice set by Dice Envy.

Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal !!!

Perfect for athletes and those of us who merely roleplay them, our Home Game Hat Trick unique dice set is a fun, soccer-themed set that bristles with energy.

Named for the “hat trick,” which in soccer is the rare triumph of scoring three goals in a single game, the Home Game Hat Trick dice set features rose-gold–colored dice frames with royal blue glitter faces and a classic scoreboard number font. The dice themselves have rounded edges reminiscent of soccer balls, particularly the d20s.

This 10-piece unique polyhedral dice set features our standard 7 dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, d20), plus two bonus d6s and one bonus d20 with a special yellow gold frame—perfect for rolling with advantage or making other iconic rolls. This is a truly exciting and unique dice set!

The Home Game Hat Trick set is one of our Metal Dice Sets. In addition to our popular, highly affordable Polymer Dice Sets, we also make special dice sets using premium materials like wood, stone, and metal. With metal dice you will immediately notice their weight and temperature in your hand, which gives them a very distinctive feeling.

2. Rime Scheme

Dice Envy’s 7-piece Rime Scheme resin dice set with ice crystal numbering and dark blue backgrounds.

Rime, also known as hoarfrost, is ice that accumulates in blowing wind whenever it’s foggy and freezing—or, if you live in the mountains, whenever freezing clouds crash into you. Rime looks like snow, but you won’t notice much snow on the ground. Instead, rime loves to build up on tree limbs, railings, signs, and other objects that stick up into the air.

The beautiful, unique polyhedral dice in our Rime Scheme dice set evoke the frigid wonders of winter and elemental ice magic. Inspired by D&D’s adventure Rime of the Frostmaiden, we created this unique dice set with a sense of terrible splendor, evoking a cold power both beautiful and devastating to any traveler who befalls them.

This 7-piece resin dice set features ornate, bold white ice crystals and numbering which has been intricately engraved into a shimmering, dark blue background. You won’t find anything else quite like it!

3. DLucks

The DLucks 10-piece unique dice set by Dice Envy, featuring black and white swirled acrylic reminiscent of fine marble, and gold numbering.

Perhaps the most sophisticated of all building materials, marble has been used throughout history to construct some of the finest temples and palaces in the world. This unique dice set, which we call DLucks (say it out loud and you’ll get it!), features black and white swirled acrylic and elegant golden ink, evoking the beauty of marble and gold without the price tag.

DLucks is a full 10-piece unique polyhedral dice set, featuring the seven standard dice, an extra d6, one of our special Infinity d4 dice (in addition to the standard d4), and one of our special Chonky Boi oversize d20s that are so much fun to use on big, important rolls.

4. DaVinci’s Sanctum

A d20 and d6 from the dice from Dice Envy’s unique polyhedral dice set DaVinci’s Sanctum.

This unique dice set is inspired by the Maestro of the Renaissance himself, Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was an artist of great renown as well as a skillful scientist in medicine, anatomy, astronomy, and other fields. He invented the helicopter, solar power generation, the automatic adding machine, a theory of plate tectonics, and much more…all hundreds of years before these things actually came to pass. This cat was so smart he was scary.

For your next Renaissance-themed RPG campaign or any adventure where you’re playing a brilliant inventor, we’ve captured the passion of Leonardo da Vinci with the fascinating DaVinci’s Sanctum. This unique dice set has a perplexing look that brings alive the geometric patterns often associated with his famous sketches and illustrations. Reminiscent of stained glass, our design features a colorful iridescent foil layered onto black obsidian stone—real obsidian.

As one of our premium Stone Dice Sets, this 7-piece unique polyhedral dice set is an ultra-luxe product, so it costs more than the others on this list, but they’re an incredible treat to look at, with a solid weight in your hand that feels good.

5. Celestain

The 10-piece Celestain set by Dice Envy is a unique dice set that features a timeline-bending pink color.

Yes, that’s right, we’ve been holding out on you this whole time. We’re not sorry, either. We’re GMs at heart; if we don’t toy with you at least a little bit we’re not doing our jobs right. But now we give you…the Celestain dice set!

This unique dice set has two simple conceits. First of all it is beautiful, with translucent pink resin that catches the light beautifully, and elegant gold numbering.

Second of all, it’s an example of the Mandela Effect. Originally, we had another dice set called Celestine. But, like how the Berenstein Bears from our childhood memories were actually the “Berenstain” Bears, with an A, this whole time, so too are these our “Celestain” dice. Whether we all just remembered wrong and the Universe is gaslighting us, or whether there really was some hyperdimensional cosmic transposition into a new timeline…either way they’re cool dice.

Like the DLucks set above, this 10-piece resin set of unique polyhedral dice includes an extra d6, a special Infinity d4, and one of our signature Chonky Boi d20s. Don’t leave this unique dice set in the bad timeline: Take them with you into all the dimensions yet to come!

6. Rainbow Wood

The Rainbow Wood dice set by Dice Envy features 7 wooden dice with a beautiful, subtle rainbow of color.

The Rainbow Wood dice set is another one of our premium dice sets, this time from our Wood Dice Sets collection. This unique dice set is a 7-piece masterpiece of pure dryadic inspiration. Seriously, if you don’t fall in love with these dice at first sight, roll for initiative, because you’re the villain.

To further discuss how these stunning wooden dice can channel the spirit of the woods in your local nature conservation zone, we’re turning it over to Forest Elf and city de-certified meditation guru Trisha Callsphere. Trisha, take it away, with our final unique dice set of the day!


Greetings and namaste travelers, for wide is the path we travel and so we travel it together. I am pleased to pray to whichever god will still return my calls, and thereby from his or her teachings i give you the sounds of the forest:


~ T ~ r ~ E ~ e ~ N ~ o ~ I ~ s ~ E ~

Wondrous are these sounds to our mortal ear, the ear we share in love, the ear which hears all that yearns to be heard. Oh, how we do lavish our affections upon idle distractions like cellular telephones, when the true core of our being longs to dwell among the other great beings of the deep forest, like the lichens, and the thistles, and the brambles, and the marsh lily, and the—

Um, Trisha…the dice?

Ah yes, the Rainbow Wood dice. a wooden dice set. a unique dice set. Many are the possibilities you might roll, depending on which die you choose, and in communion with the great pulse of the forest…

I have spoken with the dryads of the tree from which these dice were made, and they tell me the tree was talking crap about me behind my own back, which I find very rude, and so karma has come to that tree, and unique polyhedral dice come to you, if the price is right…


Well…uh…at least she’s better than the guy who thought he was a fence.

There you have it, adventures. Six amazing, unique dice sets by Dice Envy. These are our designs, our molds—you won’t find these dice anywhere else! And you know what? These are better than antimatter dice!

Which set is your favorite?

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