Rainbow Wood


Do you want to wield tremendous arcane power? Do you want to craft stories that will be remembered for a lifetime? Are you allegiant to the sacred heartwood of the Hinterlands? If your answer to any of these is yes, this wooden rainbow D&D dice set is a surefire way to empower your campaign. A set of wooden polyhedral dice practically crafted from the Druidic trees of the Hinterlands themselves, ancient woodland secrets will lie right at your fingertips. When you hold these dice close and listen intently, you can practically hear the secrets of the trees being passed on.

Druidic Power

This rainbow D&D dice set grants you the secrets of the Hinterlands, the Elderwood, Lothlórien, and many other magical forests you can think of. They hold the wooden secrets every druid aspires to learn, and what better way to learn than through the dizzying process of rolling dice tens upon hundreds of times to impact your fate?

High-Quality Dice

The wooden dice sets at Dice Envy are meticulously crafted and designed so you know you’ll get the most out of them. These don’t feel like any other wooden polyhedral dice you would pick up off the shelf at the store. These feel like they were delivered straight from the enchanted wood by the Elves themselves.

Great Aspirations

With these rainbow D&D dice in your arsenal, your campaign is destined for greatness. Fight back the forces of evil with the secrets of the forest and the golden light that resides within.

Contact us if you have any issues or questions. Gather sacred wooden power for your next campaign at Dice Envy!