Naga Hide


Of course we didn’t skin a naga to make these dice. That would be crazy – have you seen the stat block on those guys? 

Instead, this is genuine Naugahyde Naga Hide – all the color and texture, with none of the fear of your dice coming back from the dead to kill you in your sleep.

Naga Hide is a 10-piece set of brilliant green resin dice with matte finish and a darkened center pattern, inked in black. A fleshy part of our Monstrous Elements collection!

Dice for the Ultimate Hunter

Being on the hunt is thrilling, but you’re going to need the right tools. With Monstrous Elements, the right tools will be in the palm of your hand. Weapons crafted from the bones of skeletons, poisons harvested from giant purple worms, even shards of tombstones to remind your enemies of their ultimate fate! There’s no better way to show off your prowess than with trophies made from vanquished foes.