February/March Subscriptions and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) [All updates]

Greetings, Monthly Box family! 

We’ve been trying our best over here at Dice Envy HQ to shield our wonderful customers from as much of the inconvenient product delays and shortages caused by government-mandated factory closures in China due to the Coronavirus outbreak as we could. Unfortunately, one casualty was the dice set from our subscription box for this month! We kept up hope as long as we could, and even though our manufacturers are a-ok and back online, there was just no way to have this month’s box ready for you all in February! We appreciate your patience so very, very much while we get back up to speed again. As of present we are expecting our dice to arrive to our office on March 15th. At that point, we will ship them out as quickly as possible.

What steps are we taking so this never happens again?

Getting this box running smoothly again is our number one priority. 

We are moving our supply ordering from 3 to 6 months ahead of schedule. We are also contracting with multiple companies to help spread the production burden around in an effort 

Is there any good news?

Yes, as an apology for the delay and as a sign of appreciation for sticking with us in this tough time, we are throwing in a free nine piece set of dice for all customers in an upcoming month. We just commissioned the new set so they will not be ready in time for the April boxes. We are shooting to put it in the May or June box. 


March 20th Update: We are starting back logged shipments at the beginning of next week. Hopefully, by the end of next week the majority of subscribers will be up to date on their dice. 

March 25th Update : We are still waiting for the dice to arrive from the factory in China. Once we receive the product we plan on starting to ship out the same day. 

March 30th Update : The dice our officially with our shipping company and waiting to leave Hong Kong. You can watch along with the UPS tracking to our office. Again, same day we get them we will start shipping dice. Though that process will stretch over a few days as we currently have a skeleton crew available. 

April 6th Update : Most of the dice have arrived today. However, we are still waiting for a box of March Envy Dice. Which is unforgivably delayed. We are starting shipping tonight on what we do have. February Envy Boxes will be shipped separately from March.


dice shipment boxes


April 9th Update : Two thirds of the boxes are now in the mail. We are experiencing some issues with the Envy March dice and need to wait for some replacement dice. This effects the Gluttony and Envy Boxes. They replacement dice are arriving in the next week from the factory. We will start shipping them off the same day they arrive.

April 11th Update : Ultimately, our resin factory let us down big time. It couldn't be avoided because of the pandemic but it is causing issues for us. The special logo d6s were not to some Pride/Original subscriptions because they are not ready. We wanted to get people there boxes soon because it is going on three months since dice were shipped and that seems unreasonable. For those that did not get the d6s, they will be included in upcoming months as the dice arrive to us. Contact us if you have since cancelled your account and we will make sure you still get these dice when they arrive.

Regarding the informational slips that usually go into the boxes, I fear that too is a casualty of the pandemic as we are having issues with the printer. If you did not get a slip and are interested in what these dice are called, the inverted Alphas are called Omega Dice. The red metal dice are called Bloody Knuckles. They are the February and March sets.  

The extra set of apology dice are in production now. We will have them in about 6 weeks.

April 20th Update : All back ordered dice have officially arrived. Any remaining February and March dice are being prepared now for shipment. We expect them to all be in the mail by weeks end.


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Can you explain what the below note is in reference to? The dice we received are gorgeous but the first set are seafoam green and the second red but not metal. I assumed these were the dice for Feb and Mar but now I’m unsure.

“If you did not get a slip and are interested in what these dice are called, the inverted Alphas are called Omega Dice. The red metal dice are called Bloody Knuckles. They are the February and March sets.”


I’ve tried to post several comments, but you don’t post them, you won’t respond to them, and you won’t respond to my emails. I’ve paid for 2 months of dice that never came, I’ve had no communication about when they might be here, and I’m about to be charged for a third set of dice.

I understand the craziness with the COVID stuff, but some communication would be nice.


I haven’t received my order for February or March and I’m about to be charged for April. Are these something I can expect to arrive soon?


Totally understand that all the COVID stuff has delayed everything, but definitely sad that it’s April 15th and I still haven’t heard anything about there February dice, even. Is there any sort of ETA on February and March dice?


Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop! I’m really impressed with how you guys have been handling this, considering everything going on and how many unexpected problems have come up along the way. I’ve had my subscription here for almost a year now and I’ve never had a problem – plus my monthly dice are almost always my favorites the second so get them! Thank you for everything you do, and I hope things get less stressful from here on out!


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