Subscription Box Update : April - May - June

As we close in on month three of grappling with Covid-19, we know many of you battle grief and exhaustion.  

We don't take lightly the opportunity to bring some joviality to your lives through the small act of slinging math rocks.  Know we're grateful, and we appreciate your continued business.  Right now, we're asking for your continued patience.  

Covid-19 unexpectedly delayed our second batch of dice this year.  We custom-mold every set, which takes time.  Our overseas partners are experiencing a backlog of orders, which has impacted our April and May shipments.  

The good news is: our June dice will be on schedule.  And you should have received all dice for February and March. 
Pride Boxes

April’s dice are all in the mail. Everyone should have received the “Liches Get Riches” set. 

May’s dice will ship next week but lack the additional d6. We will include the late dice in a future subscription. If your subscription expires before then, just send us a request for the late dice at, and we'll get it to you. 

Envy and Gluttony Boxes
The Envy and Gluttony boxes for April and May will arrive in June. 

April subscribers should have received an email with a $20 code to our site as an apology.  We want to offer you a set of dice on the house.  If you didn't receive the code, email us at 

We want to avoid this from happening again. 
To prevent this kind of delay in the future, we have pre-ordered our dice for the next twelve months.  In addition, we are now contracting with multiple factories in multiple countries to stabilize our supply lines.  

Check our blog for any future updates.  And as always, we appreciate your business and your patience.  

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Play games. 

6/16/2020 Update:  We received the dice in the mail for all the prior month's. We are currently prepping the sub for shipping now. We are shipping everything (April-May-June) next week.


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