Your latest encounter with the BBEG didn’t go as planned. Your Bard went down and failed their death save before the Cleric could help them. You’re in a difficult position. You could accept your loss and move on. Or, you can dabble in some necromancy. The Blight D&D dice are the tools you need for your new task. A little corruption here, some resurrection there, and soon enough the Bard is as good as (mostly) new. Except for the fact that they don’t seem to sleep or eat, and their eyes don’t blink at the same time. And they’re eating that squirrel raw. They’re fine, right? They’re fine. Trust us, that’s the excitement you’re going to want to get in on.

Bring Some Darkness to the Table

Always adhering to the rules may be orderly. But it’s not always as fun. Speckled dice like these unlock those kinds of fun if you’ve got the courage to go for it. After all, Lord of the Rings without Sauron wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting. Unleash your own watchful eye of hell upon the table with Blight D&D dice.

Beautiful Aesthetic

Blight has the same blue and purple swirls of color as Numa Bliss but features speckles of black corruption in it as well. They aren’t only for evil characters. Neutral characters will get a kick out of them too. Cast a plague upon everyone with Blight D&D dice.

Keep us in the know of any questions or concerns. Prepare for your next campaign to be filled with shadow and mystery thanks to our speckled dice.