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10 Gifts for the D&D Enthusiast in Your Life

The holiday season is approaching, and we all know what that means: presents. And quality time with loved ones. But everybody loves a good present. The key, of course, is the “good” part. You wouldn’t give a movie enthusiast a Suicide Squad Blu-ray. That would be like a punishment. Similarly, you want your D&D gifts for the special people in your life to be great. This list is a good place to get started. Below you’ll find the ten best Dungeons and Dragons-themed gift ideas that will be sure to wow that special someone. Give them a look and be the cool gifter this holiday season.

1. Arcane Vein

Arcane Vein is a metal D&D dice-set that ranks as one of our most popular offerings. It makes a great D&D-themed gift because it’s sleek and versatile. It’ll offer something for a wide range of players, no matter their interest or skill level. People love cool-looking things. This is one of the coolest looking D&D gifts you can get for a DM or other players.

2. Holoverse

Holoverse dice set

Holoverse can be best summed up in one word: colorful. Players can leave behind reality and enter the endless bliss of the Matrix with these dice. Colors are brighter, things feel more real. Your loved ones are going to love this D&D gift for how eye-catching it is. They don’t even need to play D&D to appreciate it. They can just stare and admire it.

3. True Neutral

It’s smooth, it’s transparent, it’s what Apple wishes the iPhone looked like if not for technology limits. True Neutral is the perfect Dungeons and Dragons gift idea for those who enjoy the mysterious qualities of crystal-clear coating or just like a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style. Black and white is classic for a reason.

4. Woodwind

Woodwind is a premium wooden d20 die that’s designed specifically for music lovers. Each side has music notes in place of numbers for the user to add up. It’s a great D&D gift for bards or anyone who appreciates a classic musical feel.

5. Pumpkin Dice Latte

Pumpkin Dice Latte dice set

Okay, so we’re a little basic for this one, but that just means we’re widely appealing. Pumpkin Dice Latte captures all the greatness of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the essence of fall. This D&D gift for a DM or anyone else works perfectly if they love pumpkin spice or love fall so much they wish it wouldn’t end.

6. Infinity Dice (Metal Healer Gold Edition)

There’s no denying it: everybody loves gold. It looks elegant, luxurious, and valuable. Combine gold with our unique patented infinity d4 design, and you get Infinity Dice (Metal Healer Gold Edition). In addition to its glossy feel, the dice have golden pixellated hearts as marking symbols. It’s a perfect D&D gift for any gold or retro lovers, ideally both. Both is good.

7. America’s Ass

America’s Ass dice set

The MCU isn’t the largest film franchise of all time for nothing. This Dungeons and Dragons gift idea captures the classic feel of Captain America for any lovers of the franchise, or those who simply enjoy playing by a code of honor. With America’s Ass on your side, anything is possible. Your loved one will appreciate you for it.

8. Combat Tracking Pads

They may not be flashy like our other D&D gifts, but Combat Tracking Pads are a crucial tool for any serious D&D players. They keep track of all the valuable combat and stat information so your loved one doesn’t have to! The greatest gift you can give to your loved one this holiday season is having to do less math.

9. Desert Planet

If your loved one was as hyped for the release of Dune as we were, they’re going to love Desert Planet. Or maybe you just happen to really like the desert. Either way, this is a great D&D gift for a DM or anyone else. It has a smooth, reddish-orange finish mixed with light magenta to produce a dreamy, textured feeling that people love.

10. Midnight Sigil

Help your loved one conjure power from intricate runes using Midnight Sigil. This D&D gift is a classic gold-on-black design that gives the impression that they were crafted long ago for magical purposes. And now they’re going to bring magic to the table. No Dungeons and Dragons gift idea is better suited for arcane enthusiasts.

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Make Holiday Shopping Easy

Beyond securing the best gifts for D&D lovers in your life, you can be assured that getting them through us is as simple as possible. Not as simple as reading your mind simple, but pretty simple. Our online ordering system makes it easy to get dice shipped straight to your door. And you can contact us if you have any questions or issues that come up. You can gift smarter and easier this holiday season with some help from Dice Envy.

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