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Backstory: Three alternatives to being an orphan

When playing Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other table top game before you can even break in your first se...

FEATURED PODCAST : Bardic Mystery Tour

Afraid of diving into a new DnD5e podcast because of all the catch-up? Fear no more! Bardic Mystery Tour is an all ba...

Playing Games to Help Kids: Extra Life

Five years ago, a buddy of mine—always the idea guy, this one—shot me a text: “Ever heard of Extra Life? I wanna do i...

Top 10 Tips for New DMs

A lot of anxiety for first time RPG DMs comes from how to pick which module to run, how to prepare for the first game...


Why has Dice Envy decided to give away one of our sets of dice for 99 cents every month? Because Dungeons and Dragons...
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