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The Envy Box - $15

The Envy Box features an acrylic set and a 33mm Chonky Boi d20 .  Starting in January 2020 it will also include a bonus d6! What will they look like? That's the mystery. Perfect for people who want a full set of dice every month but do not want to break the bank.

The Pride Box - $35

This is where you’ll find our high-tier works! Every month will feature a gorgeous set of dice, usually either a custom engraved acrylic set or a framed metal set in our mold. Also included is the Dice Envy d6.

The Gluttony Box - $45

So you love our monthly dice and don’t want to choose which box to get? Well you don’t have to! You really can have it all with The Gluttony Box - the full set of dice from both our Pride and Envy boxes. TREAT YO SELF. 

The Sloth Box - $45 to $135

Just like our regular boxes, but slower. Get your dice every three months. These subscriptions are perfect for people who want to save on shipping costs.  

About Shipping

You are charged on the 11th of each month. Our shipments go out during the last quarter of each month.



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