About the Subscription Box

All gamers are after one thing, more important than gold, the thrill of exploration, or even XP . They’re after the ultimate Dice Subscription Box. Well, you can rest, weary traveler because you’re finally in the place to get what you’re after. Ready to get the best dungeons and dragons subscription box mailed right to your door every month? 

At Dice Envy, we offer several levels of subscription boxes. Our dice are not generic imports but are custom designed for the box and are made in our proprietary dice molds. Check out our options below!

The Envy Box - $16

This D&D dice subscription box will build a collection that even makes dice goblins jealous. A 10-piece set with acrylic or resin dice, this is a great dice subscription box for all collectors. It comes with a full 7-piece set and a 33mm Chonky Boi d20, an extra-large d6, and one of our patented infinity d4s. You can get a little bit of everything, without breaking the bank.

The Pride Box - $36

This box is where the premium content is. Get a magnificent 7 -10-piece dice set every single month. This tier usually comes with a custom-engraved acrylic set or a framed metal set in our mold. Sometimes we even toss in a wooden or stone set. You’re getting awesomeness with this dice subscription box.

The Gluttony Box - $50

What’s a D&D subscription box without some gluttony thrown in there? Whether you can’t decide what box to get or you’re just a whale, this is the box for you. It’s the box for the people who crave everything. Remember, it’s not an addiction unless it harms your life. Dungeons and dragons subscription boxes don’t hurt your life, they make it better. If you’re ever in any doubt, just remember to treat yo self. You deserve it.

The Sloth Box - Currently Unavailable to New Customers

This dice subscription box is either the most or the least climactic, depending on how you look at it. It’s like getting any other box, but slower. You get the same amount of dice, but it's delivered every three months instead of one. It saves on shipping and makes their arrival day that much more special. Perfect for international buyers that want to save money on prohibitive shipping costs.

Shipping Note

We charge you on the 11th of every month. Shipments go out near the end of every month.

Sloth Boxes: With the Sloth Box we start putting aside dice for you the month that you order. Your first delivery will arrive in about 90 days.

Keep us in the know of any questions you have. Start amassing your dice arsenal now, or check out individual dice for any you need ASAP.