Lich Slap


Liches be crazy. But, they’ve got some ridiculous power that you’d be a fool to turn down. With Lich D&D dice, you get all that crazy power and more within your next adventure. Ready to reanimate the dead? Or cause some crazy otherworldly chaos? Or ghostly ranged attacks that reach up to 120 feet away? These are the swirling glitter dice to do just that. Your spell list is about to expand beyond what you ever thought was possible. Just don’t let your spell fizzle out now.

Lich Slap is a dazzling 10-piece acrylic blue and purple set with white inking.

Conjure Dark Magic

The best part about being a wizard, warlock, druid, or any other magic-wielding character is the limitless potential of magic. But, as we all know, dark magic is capable of way more. The only problem is it often comes with a price. Luckily for you, that price is only $19.99 when you buy our Lich D&D dice. The opportunity to unleash your inner Necromancer with dice has never been more accessible.

Otherworldly Adventures Await

Lich Slap is designed with an astral swirling glitter lining that beckons for a journey across dimensions. You’ll be mesmerized just looking at them. But not in a bad way like the Hypnotoad. In a good way, like when you discover your magic powers for the first time. Bring some of that dazzle to the table and pull some sleight-of-hand with enemies. These Lich D&D dice are ready for anything.