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Dice Goblin King
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Unique, Quality Dice

Our resin polyhedral dice are well balanced and of high-quality, able to withstand as many rolls as you make through all of your future adventures. The molds we use aren’t available anywhere else, making each 9 & 10-piece dice set unique. We’re constantly adding new sets and phasing out old ones, so if you see one you like, grab it before it’s gone!

Looking for something colorful? Our sets Rainbow and Past-Hell are like a 6th-level color spray spell, just without the 16d10 levels of blindness.

Find the D&D dice that fit your style or your character. From the True Neutral set (which is as truly as neutral as they come) to our golden opaque Dice Goblin King set, perfectly fit for a king. 

Love the way You Roll

Dice are made to be rolled and meant to be appreciated. Our resin polyhedral dice add an air of cosmic wonderment to any collection. There’s no shortage of eye-popping sets available to show off at your table.